The kicked off the evening

Have you ever dated outside of London? When my mates first started talking about dating escorts in Reading, I could not believe what I heard. I did not even know that there was such a thing as Reading escorts of I was shocked when my friends told me that they had started to date in Reading when they watched the football. The girls sounded hot, so I thought I would have to get myself some action.

So, what are Reading escorts? At first, when I checked out the website, it did not look that professional. I have been using many elite escorts services in London, but I have to admit that it costs a fortune. Of course, a lot of that money goes to create the best websites and stuff like that. Am I fooling myself by dating elite escorts? I have come to realize that I am.

Anyway, on the next match day, I traveled down to Reading. After we had enjoyed the football, we met up with a couple of sexy Reading escorts. We kicked off the evening by going out for a few drinks and then back to their place. It was wild, and I had a scorching date. The girl that I was with partly Indian, so she was exotic at the same time. If you like exotic girls, Reading is the place to date. There are more exotic and ethnic escorts in Reading than elsewhere, and they are a nice treat.

Many of the girls who work as Reading escorts are younger than London girls. That surprised me. One of the girls I hooked up with on a recent date was only 20 years old but seemed to have tons of experience. I loved our date, and I have told her that I would be coming back for more. She seemed to have had a hectic day, but she was fresh when she came around meeting with me, and we had a great time together. During our hour of fun, she never looked at her watch once, and that was so cool.

Escorts in London do clock watch a lot, but I have found that Reading escorts don’t bother. They know when the time is off but never give you the impression that they rushed. That makes for a much better date, and one of the main reasons I am continuing to date the girls in Reading. Reading is not that far away, and you can always spend a weekend there. There are tons of cheap hotels in Reading, and I have always been able to find a decent place to stay. I love it, and I am sure that many guys like escorts and football would appreciate dating the beauties you can find in Reading. It will save you money, and you will be able to have a perfect time.

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