Sister in law works for a London escorts services

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my sister in law works for a London escorts services. She has been dying to tell someone with the family about her lifestyle and decided it had to be me. For some reason, she thought that I would be more open minded and ready to accept the news about her lifestyle. I was a bit taken back at first, but I was able to talk to her about her life working for an elite service.


I have been wondering what my sister in law did for a living since I first met her. The fact that she works for a London escorts service, does not surprise me at all. She seemed to have a very glamorous lifestyle, and I started to suspect that something was going on the moment that I met her, and I am not surprised she is a London escorts. When you listened to her speak, she seemed to have an endless stream of boyfriends, and they were all rich.


My mother in law does not know anything at all. She believes that her beautiful daughter is a real Essex girl, and has just been very lucky enough. How would she feel if she felt out that her precious daughter works for a London escorts service? I am not sure that my mother in law who tries to be a little posh, would take to kindly to find out that her daughter is one of London’s top escorts, and earns a small fortune escorting in London.


I got the feeling from my sister in law in law that she needed to offload her lifestyle choice on somebody. Was she asking for help? At one stage during our conversation, I got the feeling that she wanted to say she felt like quitting London escorts. We were on our second glass of wine, when she started to look very tired, and I felt like asking her if she would like to stop escorting. But at the same time, she felt proud of what she had achieved, and I decided to leave the question to another day.


Am I ashamed over my sister in law? No, I am not ashamed at all. We all try to get through life one way or the other. It is not easy to manage in this day and age. Just living on an everyday basis, seems to be becoming increasingly expensive, and I guess that working for a London escorts service, pays well. My sister in law is 29 years old and is mortgage free owning her own apartment in London. I told her to say safe, and if she wanted to talk to somebody, I would be more than happy to listen to her. In fact, I feel a lot closer to her now. One day, she may want to move on in her life, and I would be happy to help her. The fact that she is a London escort, is not a problem for me at all.

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