About Us

When people hear the word dominatrix, they tend to get this shiver. A lot of the time they say they shiver is because dominatixs are overwhelming. Or they attribute the shiver to being scared of BDSM. In reality, that shiver you get when you hear the word dominatrix is because the word dominatrix excites you. The word excites you in a way you cannot describe to anyone else. And if the word excites you that much, imagine how much an actual dominatrix will excite you. The thing with BDSM is a lot of people are interested in it. A lot of people want to experience what BDSM is like but those same people are apprehensive about trying it. Enter Heavenly Hana. All Hail, Heavenly Hana is a professional dominatrix and BDSM service. Our madams specialize in introducing novices into the world of BDSM. If you get that shiver whenever you hear the word dominatrix, then this is the place for you.